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  • Cool Hand Trump: “I Can Eat Fifty Eggs.”

           In the opening scene of the 1967 movie Cool Hand Luke, Paul Newman’s character is seen cutting the heads off a small town’s parking meters, destroying two long rows of bureaucratic parking slot machines with no payout. It… Read More ›

  • The Last Thing To Go

    Where kisses go that’s been kissed, All kisses ever kissed? A list of things pressed to my lips, Foreheads, cheeks, inner thighs, Bourbon or the sweeter sister rye. There must be an immortal trace Of kissing, Like judgement for my… Read More ›

  • The Night of Temptation Eyes

         My teenage hormones were out of control. Every day I saw my brother Larry come and go in his new, mean-green AMC Javelin. A 343 cubic –inch, four-barrel V8, 280 horsepower machine that went from zero-to-sixty in less than… Read More ›


       Bob Hope did a movie entitled “Son of Paleface,” about a northern city-slicker, graduate of Harvard, who went out west for the first time and entered a tough, western town on a miniature donkey.    There is an establishment… Read More ›

  • Noir in a Small, Southern, Florida Town

        How could I have known this night would lead to my hyoid twitching from the cold blade of a barber’s razor, and butchery amid the smell of Bolt Barbers Bay Rum?      What takes place on a Friday night… Read More ›

  • White Bucks

    I take my seat at the bar in the only upscale restaurant located in the historic district of this small, southern town to have my dinner. When I leave, I will be handcuffed by the local police because of Pat… Read More ›

  • Don’t Wish Me Happy Birthday Without Reading Lines or Snorting Some.

    Instead of birthday wishes, consider some lines from my poems which are worthy of a read, and with my ego, a head bow from John Keats or tip of the hat from William Butler Yeats. For most of you who… Read More ›

  • A Year Ago, Merry Citrus, ….Glad To Be Back In Annapolis.

         If you shake a snow globe, all the white flakes fall to the bottom. If America was inside a snow globe, the flakes fall to Florida. After shaking my life and downsizing to what would fit in my Santa… Read More ›

  • Bah Humbug, This is Just A Nice, Comfortable Read, Thanks To Severn Savings Bank of Annapolis

    There are several sponsors for this article. As some of you know, in the early days of radio and television, the show’s personality would sell products without going to commercial break. I started doing this recently in my articles, some… Read More ›

  • Confirming “Friend Requests” on Facebook

    Sometimes I hit “confirm friend request” on Facebook and accept invitations from people whose names I don’t know…..Maybe I should be more careful…. I meet and run across a lot of people and some who just enjoy reading me…..but others… Read More ›