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  • 4 Exciting Facts You May Not Know About The Writer, EL BROOKMAN.

    #4   While on a raucous night out in his youth in Washington D.C. with some of his buddies, he passed out. They bought a ticket at Union Station and placed him on a train. He woke up half way… Read More ›

  • ANSWER DISCOVERED 70 years later. Did Rhett Come Back to Scarlet? 

         My Uncle Jim’s relative, Hugh Gravitt, while driving his Ford taxi, killed Margaret Mitchell as she and her husband John Marsh crossed Peachtree and 14th street in Atlanta Georgia in 1949. He was convicted of involuntary manslaughter and served 10 months… Read More ›

  • The Jock And The Judge: Annapolis’ New Celebrity Royalty.

    We all know the jock, Maryland’s favorite son, Baltimore Orioles’ great “The Iron Man” Cal Ripken Jr. When Ripken got his divorce following 30 years of marriage, put his $12 million dollar home in Reisterstown, with a baseball diamond on… Read More ›

  • A Clean, Well-Lit Room and an Elevator To Escape The “Nada.”

    In a Hemingway’s short story he showed the way to escape the pain of the “nada.” In order to survive with dignity, to cheat the “nada,” one has to find a place, a pleasant place, “with the light, a certain… Read More ›

  • The 143rd Kentucky Derby, A Thing of Beauty!

    Beauty is a problem in our entire culture, art, music, poetry, sports, relationships with others and our everyday existence. It is a problem because we no longer imagine beauty as a serious way of knowing. I am here to tell… Read More ›

  • Annapolis, Streets Always Crowded

    Church Circle, This town’s marquee Ringing bells of 300 hundred years Opens a curtain, Two shows a night Coming and going Ghosts get in free.   Going at midnight Aging in my walking Limping red brick to red brick Toward… Read More ›

  • 2016 “OLD MY ASS” AWARDS

      As the year comes to a close, it is time to honor those who don’t stop pursuing life and actually show age is just a number.   #10 (Feb.) Peyton Manning At age 39, became the oldest Quarterback to… Read More ›

  • Grain of Sand

    Don’t underestimate your life, Your dreams or your place in history. I know you feel as “just a grain of sand” Among trillions, helpless and caught in just one wave   Among trillions crashing onto shores. Life and others will… Read More ›


    OUTSIDE BAR   Humid night in June Under an ascending crescent moon. Fingers twisting her matted hair behind one ear Pulling it all to one side Leaving a shoulder bare.   Her beauty is crescent And I, drinking my beer… Read More ›

  • Cool Hand Trump: “I Can Eat Fifty Eggs.”

           In the opening scene of the 1967 movie Cool Hand Luke, Paul Newman’s character is seen cutting the heads off a small town’s parking meters, destroying two long rows of bureaucratic parking slot machines with no payout. It… Read More ›