Confirming “Friend Requests” on Facebook


Sometimes I hit “confirm friend request” on Facebook and accept invitations from people whose names I don’t know…..Maybe I should be more careful…. I meet and run across a lot of people and some who just enjoy reading me…..but others have some different motives…. Sometimes I receive instant messages later from that person …..I decided to play along…..At the end, she actually offered to send me money!!!…That is the power of The EL…..You might find this conversation that actually took place, entertaining. I have copied it here for those who do not follow me on facebook.  The picture and the name, come from their facebook page, which I am sure will disappear soon.

Today Katina Kelly 12:45am hi

12:47am Paul Brookman Hi Ms. Kelly… do I know you or how do you know of me ?

Katina Kelly 12:48am sorry ..i was searching for new friends and i have come across your profile and its very in teresting that is why i added you ok

Paul Brookman 12:49am That is fine….What did you find so interesting

12:49am Katina Kelly      just like you

Paul Brookman Why? You do not know anything about me.

Katina Kelly 12:50am yes and am now getting to know more abput you

Paul Brookman 12:50am What was the last poem you read and how long ago?

Katina Kelly 12:51am i will be right back

Katina Kelly 12:58am 3 ages ago ok

Paul Brookman 12:58am ahhhh…. so you are not a woman of letters…. what are your interests if not books, poets, or writers?

Katina Kelly 12:59am yes i mean 3 age time i Read it out speech ok yes books ok and swimming and playing play station with friends and you?

Paul Brookman 1:02am I am a brilliant poet, satirist, and I also have a Planters Wart on the bottom of my foot.

Katina Kelly 1:03am ok i see

Paul Brookman no you don’t ……what area do you reside?

Katina Kelly 1:03am sorry where are you from?

Paul Brookman 1:04am That is what I asked you….where do you reside?

Katina Kelly 1:04am Canada

Paul Brookman 1:04am I heard Canadians are born with three nipples….is that true?

Katina Kelly 1:05am No

Paul Brookman 1:05am I heard one falls off after birth due to the climate….I think it is true

Katina Kelly 1:06am and am saying that no ok

Paul Brookman 1:06am OK…..Is Canada Dry Ginger Ale made in Canada?

Katina Kelly 1:07am some places ok

Paul Brookman 1:07am Do Canadians always use “ok” in their answers?

Katina Kelly 1:08am No why

Paul Brookman 1:08am I dunno….just thought I would ask……How old are you?

Katina Kelly am 30 years old and you?

Paul Brookman And what would a woman your age have in common with an older man such as myself?

Katina Kelly yes love is in the heart ok and age is just a number ok so age does not matter in relationship

Paul Brookman Yes it does….”ok”…..Younger women are needy and crave attention….What could you possibly offer me that I haven’t already experienced?

Katina Kelly yes i will do every thing for to make you happy ok

Paul Brookman You have no idea how to make me happy….had you said the last poem you read was The Love Song of J. Alfred Proofrock,…. you may have made me slightly curious…….”ok” ….lol

Katina Kelly yes and i can show you how much i really love you when am with you ok

Paul Brookman Will you love me when I say; “Hey bitch, go into the kitchen and make me a ham sandwich?”

Katina Kelly yes i will do everything to make you happy ok

Paul Brookman Will you lance a boil on my asshole and tell me it is the biggest one you have ever seen?

Katina Kelly yes my dear

Paul Brookman Now why would you want to do all that for me?

Katina Kelly because i really need you and i want you to be happy all the time ok

Paul Brookman But I want to be happy and the only way I can be happy is to make you miserable…is that ok?

Katina Kelly yes i really love you and am enjoying our conversation ok

Paul Brookman Does it matter that I earn a living killing baby seals? Would that make a difference to you?

Katina Kelly killing who?

Paul Brookman baby seals…that’s how I make money

Katina Kelly ok that is good ok i love you and my dear can i see a pic of you now?

Paul Brookman I’m very ugly. I have a big nose, a hunch back, and I have bug eyes… you still love me?

Katina Kelly yes i love you in side my heart ok am not loving you because of your handsome,money or any thing i love you because my heart choice you

Paul Brookman How many others do you love?

Katina Kelly i love only you ok

Paul Brookman ok….that’s great….. if you are rich, you can send me lots of money to come see you in Canada and I can move in with you.

Katina Kelly ok am sorry i told you am here in Ghana working and my payment for month is 100 dollars ok..but if you want i can send you some money to you am tsking care of Ophans here in Ghana and Government do pay me that ok am getting read to work ok hope to talk with you later kisses

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  1. This is brilliant. Just the right amount of trolling to be funny and elicit interesting responses, but not so much trolling that it makes the subject angry. Way to go.

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  2. Thank you THE ARMCHAIR COMMENTARY…. a very interesting name …..If she sends me money, it will be a first in the history of the world from a person in Ghana…..ok…..I mean Canada….lol……took her 7 minutes to come up with an answer for the last poem she read …. I appreciate your commenting.


  3. i repost my comment from facebook here:

    I see the love of your life recently connected with you
    Truly an exchange deep with intent and meaning and out of the blue
    Pregnant with synchronicity and perhaps Schadenfreude
    She may lance a boil but will she attend to the hemorrhoid?
    Will she love you unconditionally at your irascible best?
    Will she forsake you for all others never giving you a rest?
    Will she make make soup and tea and crackers when you are sick?
    Will she apply vapor rub and wash your gonads and d..k?
    Love is perhaps more than a word and a promise
    Will you shine when you want more and she delivers less?
    Perhaps you are wise to be slightly circumspect
    Since it appears she is a bit empty above the neck.

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  4. Kakyse…..a wonderful parody poem…..I shall treasure it always !!!


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