Month: July 2017

Reading of the poem, CHURCH CIRCLE

When I returned to ANNAPOLIS, I parked at a meter near Church Circle to have my dinner and beers at Stan & Joe’s Saloon. I had not seen this 300 year old circle in almost two years and this early… Read More ›

Making America Gr-r-reat!

  President Trump is President Tony-the-Tiger, making America Gr-r-reat again and everything is Gr-r-reat! You just can’t spell “gr-r-reat” this way without lots of red lines created by auto correct in Word Perfect. No doubt about it, I accept Trump… Read More ›

The Last Delivery

  Writer’s Note: (An earlier work from 2014 some of you will remember as titled X-Ray Specs. I re-wrote, changed the delivery and created a work of art for 2017. I gave a newspaper the right to publish it and… Read More ›