Political Satire

The Wit and Wisdom of Fred Ziffle

My publisher has agreed to release my book “The Wit and Wisdom of Fred Ziffle” this Christmas. My indepth research of Ziffel, during 2020 will show he is really a man for our times. At $9.95 this epic read will… Read More ›

Making America Gr-r-reat!

  President Trump is President Tony-the-Tiger, making America Gr-r-reat again and everything is Gr-r-reat! You just can’t spell “gr-r-reat” this way without lots of red lines created by auto correct in Word Perfect. No doubt about it, I accept Trump… Read More ›

Small Towns, Big Hearts

Today, it seems we Americans are gawkers. We have stumbled on this wreck of our leadership, the economy, lack of secure boarders, growing poverty, unemployment, inept Obamacare, the mismanagement of leaving Iraq and Afghanistan, and worry about the future. As… Read More ›