DUMP EL BROOKMAN, Recipe Queen Cathy Mitchell adds new book to DUMP CAKES and DUMP DINNERS


Just when I thought the controversy over the whimsical pieces I wrote on DUMP CAKES, DUMP DINNERS, COOKS TAKING A DUMP, and DUMPING DOWN AMERICA was all over, the author of the recipe books and TV pitch-person Cathy Mitchel herself has decided to respond to The EL. Yeah I know, that’s “THE THE” and really doesn’t make sense to the way I refer to myself.

In the next few days I’m sure the DUMP POLICE will take me to a DUMP GULAG for all my Sticky Bun sins.

Anyway, she seems like a nice lady and I admire her for making some coins and making the rounds on every morning and daytime show to fill in for Paula Dean who was banished to the corn field by the “political correctness” police. Don’t know what anyone is like as a human being has anything to do with making great fried chicken, I’ll never understand.

I considered to be witty or crass in my response to Ms. Mitchell, but I am choosing the high road in hopes it will get me some dinner offers. I still dream of having Thanksgiving at Gordon Ramsey’s house than at Ms. Mitchell’s house for some of her DUMP TURKEY that I am sure she will find a way to pour a can of soda over her bird. She did say she loved how I “assume,” and the one thing I know how to do is “assume.”


Cathy Mitchell

November 2, 2014 • 4:31 pm Edit

I love how you managed to assume from the 10 seconds of the 2 minute commercial that I didnt stir the burger pasta mix, that I didnt use the leanest burger so there was very little fat and that I am feeding my family crap..I have been cooking for over 60 years, I am aware that a lot of families for lack of time or inclination, eat out or buy take out way more often than health or budget would reccomend. If I had the gift of more time I could show the recipes step by step but then there would be no need for a cookbook. I can only assure you that I practice the utmost awareness of healthy cooking in my kitchen, cook with heart health in mind and have NEVER had any complaints, reported illness, or complaints of any kind about the food I cook and feed my family and friends or the full recipes I share in my cookbooks. Cathy Mitchell


November 3, 2014 • 1:53 pm Edit

Dear Ms. Mitchell, thanking for taking the time to respond. My pappy used to say; “There is no such thing as bad press.” … I am sure you are excited about all the sales from the attention I generated for you and I am sure this is a dinner invitation to your house for Thanksgiving. Just email me a time and your address to elbrookman@outlook.com and I will be there to enjoy DUMP TURKEY with all the DUMP TRIMMINGS. I hope you like to drink, because I’ll brink the wine and liquor.

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3 replies

  1. LOL
    Paul! Clearly she cooks only healthy food!
    Let me know if she extends the invite.
    Love you!


  2. Not certain inviting someone to proclaim to the world that they are an idiot because they admitted to buying my book qualifies as “good press” but I’m a good sport. Find it interesting that the anonymity of the internet encourages people to say all the mean things about people that they would never say to their face. Also think its strange how every comment section sooner or later manages to get political even if the subject is dump cakes, ie You bought the dumpcake cookbook?…I bet you voted for Obama!
    Cant compete with Gordon Ramsey but you are certainly welcome to share Thanksgiving…I assure you there will be lots of Football, delicious food and absolutely no dumping until after dinner.


  3. This reply for CATHY is regarding a desire for you to participate in a talk radio show on WPHT in Phila with Walter Sterling . He talks about you all the time and has mentioned he would love to have you on the air! Please contact him at waltermsterling@gmail .com…..or me, a listener of his show, at carin.oneill@yahoo.com. Thanks so much! Carin


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