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  • Boxers,Comics,Poets

    A boxer’s most important punch is the jab. It may not end a fight but it sets up everything that does, and will keep your opponent busy and force them to play defense. That momentary stun is opportunity. It takes… Read More ›

  • Natatores 

    An El Brookman Haiku

  • Annapolis Shallows

    One of my readers wanted me to recite one of my poems. The video was ready for my voice-over, but I ended up finding my voice too shallow, and left it as it is.

  • Annapolis Shallows

    Inside her room where bodies spent On a sweat-stained couch marking days With voices raised and a window where love went. How she wanted iambic pentameter A drinking song to sing upon the Chesapeake. Annapolis has moved on, so has… Read More ›

  • A Reading of the Poem; “When Love Becomes Still-Life.”

    I assure you, this 2:43 seconds will leave you breathless and your heart beating faster.  You will know at once what poetry is, what art is, ….You will know, and you will not be able to forget.

  • Reading of the poem, CHURCH CIRCLE

    When I returned to ANNAPOLIS, I parked at a meter near Church Circle to have my dinner and beers at Stan & Joe’s Saloon. I had not seen this 300 year old circle in almost two years and this early… Read More ›

  • The Hidden Message on the Pieta

    I want you to think about a large piece of marble weighing around 9000 pounds. A man was contracted to produce a work for a Cardinal in the church in 1498 and complete it by 1499. He was twenty-four and… Read More ›

  • Third Week of Every July

      Those times taking the children to the shore Vacationing from work All the buildings in a city And lack of horizons there. Our lives were deep breaths on a strong pier. We held that breath Till the next year…. Read More ›

  • Making America Gr-r-reat!

      President Trump is President Tony-the-Tiger, making America Gr-r-reat again and everything is Gr-r-reat! You just can’t spell “gr-r-reat” this way without lots of red lines created by auto correct in Word Perfect. No doubt about it, I accept Trump… Read More ›