Month: October 2013

First Date Horror

    When I was eighteen, I met a very attractive twenty-six year old, blonde, single mother of a 6 year old girl. I quickly asked her to go out to dinner and a movie for our first date. I got… Read More ›

The Delivered Letter

     My Uncle was a bigwig in the Post Office and he would get me and my friends, part-time, eighty-nine day job appointments. The hourly wage was great for summers between college courses, or laying around till something more permanent… Read More ›

Selling Cars

     When I was in my twenties, broke and looking to make some money, I took a job selling cars. Back then, everything you heard about degenerate car salesmen was absolutely true. No internet, or survey’s from the corporate car… Read More ›

My Pops, The Boxer.

    My Father was Irish and married a full blooded Italian woman . After he left his boxing career he became a bodyguard to a Washington D.C.  Italian, disorganized crime leader.   One night in bars near the Marine Barracks on 8th… Read More ›