Cool Hand Trump: “I Can Eat Fifty Eggs.”


     In the opening scene of the 1967 movie Cool Hand Luke, Paul Newman’s character is seen cutting the heads off a small town’s parking meters, destroying two long rows of bureaucratic parking slot machines with no payout. It really wasn’t a political statement about the corrupt small town government, it was more about something that goes far deeper. Drunken boredom.

     Like Luke said; “I was just passing time.”

     Maybe Trump is just passing time.

     Lots of negatives are being said against America’s working-class getting behind Trump, portraying them as violent, racists, and idiots. Think of these voters as his cell-mates, linked on the chain gang in a Florida prison and in walks Trump for his rebellion against the establishment.

     As he continues his rebel without a cause journey towards the Presidency, a refrain is constantly directed towards him just as it was in the movie; “What we have here is a failure to communicate.”

     Trump is an individual, non-conformist, anti-hero who bullheadedly resists authority and the Establishment.  He is the only candidate from either party that would say; “I can eat fifty eggs.”

     There is a part of me that believes he can eat 50 eggs.

      I know there are plenty of intellectual liberals who will never see it or understand it. There are Republican elitist who can’t figure it out. But here is the answer.

    When Luke is playing cards with other prisoners, he bluffs his nothing hand into a big winner.

     George Kennedy’s character says; “Nothin’. A handful of nothin’. He beat you with nothin’.”

     Luke responds; “Yeah, well, sometimes nothin’ can be a real cool hand.”

     Luke is then anointed with his prison name; “Cool Hand Luke.”

     Luke goes further and brags; “I can eat fifty eggs.”

     Later, when Luke is being force fed those eggs, he is laying on a wooden picnic table in the cell yard with his stomach enlarged to the size of half a basketball. The Anti-hero ate 50 eggs.

    The camera pans out, rising above Luke, alone, passed out, arms dangling off the sides of the wooden table, smiling in a crucifixion pose.

     Sometimes nothin’ is a real cool hand.

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  1. “Oh EL, you wild, beautiful thing. You crazy handful of nothin’.”

    Where are all the likes for this? Increderrifantastic!

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  1. The American Thinker, Anthony Benvin, Otto Warmbier, Cool Hand Trump And The Punishment of Theft. – elbrookman

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