Making America Gr-r-reat!



President Trump is President Tony-the-Tiger, making America Gr-r-reat again and everything is Gr-r-reat! You just can’t spell “gr-r-reat” this way without lots of red lines created by auto correct in Word Perfect.
No doubt about it, I accept Trump as President of the United States and still laugh and jab at him, and at the most he will tweet back. Wouldn’t you rather have a President using twitter in response to Americans’ voice than a President using the IRS against the voice?
Sure, I was once in love with Democrats. You had me at Jimmy Carter.
Sarcasm of course, but with Trump now the President, Democrats appear far too serious toward the opposition party in power to ever be remotely humorous. I have found Republicans have more of an ability to laugh at themselves than Democrats.
No Democrat should have had a love affair with their last three Presidents, Carter, Clinton, or Obama, nor should any Republican, since their last three were Bush, Bush, Trump. Sounds like dance steps in a Conga line in South Florida.
Perhaps we should change the name of The Democrats to The Two Syllable Party and the Republicans to The One-Syllable Party. Blame the hacks in the media for the lack of vocabulary about both parties in our Country.
This Country’s fourth estate were binge drinking during Obama’s two terms. This group was like the Secret Service during the Kennedy Administration, criminally lackadaisical reporting on President Obama and the Democrats and they allowed the Head of the Government to be blown off.
This Country was sickened by the journalist and media looking the other way at obvious corruption and abuse of power. There is a Zapruder film of truth of the Press not reacting. It will take a lot of the right words to win the trust of the American people back, and it won’t be their new found journalistic pursuit of “Get Trump.”
This is American Politics and this infant Democracy of us trying to talk, shout, create and destroy. American’s are no longer the new born babe in this old world, and we are the age of the “terrible two’s.”
We are the great experiment like no other born before on this planet for a free people to govern themselves and failing is not an option.
The answer will always be the same for Americans in this evil world; “If not us, who?”
Our linear life from 1776 to now, made us special, ordained us to gr-r-reatness. I can’t find fault in Trump for wanting that for Americans, yet I can also laugh about the simplicity of it.
Unless the vocabulary and humor increases, we the infant people, will never be able to know how to say what we want. The American Press and The Congress will continue to keep us in nap time.
“More grape juice mother and more Frosted Flakes. They’re gr-r-reat.”


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