Month: December 2013

It Happened One Day

       It happened one day. I met Claudette Colbert, and I knew she was instantly attracted to me. She was in her early eighties and I had turned thirty-one. She was definitely “Hollywood” in her mink coat and was staying at the… Read More ›

Merry Citrus

If you shake a snow globe, all the white flakes fall to the bottom. If America was inside a snow globe, the flakes fall to Florida. After shaking my life and downsizing to what would fit in my Santa Fe,… Read More ›

Be Happy

If I hear; “Be happy” Ever again, I will puke my guts out, Rid myself of the syrup and feathers Expelling them from my mouth. Like some mother’s dictate, Better eat your vegetables Served upon your plate. As if happiness… Read More ›