America Has Been Transformed Into A Pollock Painting

IMG_9859America has been transformed into a Jackson Pollock painting.

Never thought that President Obama meant for this to happen when he said he was going to transform America. It was the “HOPE” or “CHANGE” poster showing his likeness as the transformational picture of America.

That poster, according to an art critic was done in the style of social realism, not to be confused with socialist realism.

Socialist realism is a style of realistic art that was developed in the Soviet Union under Stalin and became the dominant style in other socialist countries. The style has a purpose and that is the furtherance of the goals of socialism and communism.

Social realism made an immediate icon of this politician.

Pollock, an artist known for throwing liquid paint on a canvass that looked like a chaos of colors, came to prominence after World War 2, and into the Cold War era in America.

The Congress for Cultural Freedom, an organization to promote American culture and values, backed by the CIA sponsored exhibitions of Pollock’s work.

According to some internet research, Eva Cockcroft and other left-wing professors said the U.S. government and the wealthy elite embraced Pollock and abstract expressionism in order to place the United States in the forefront of global art and devalue “socialist realism.”

Cockcroft wrote that Pollock became a “weapon of the Cold War.”

Time in the presidency has faded the colors to grey on President Obama’s hair, and the “HOPE” or “CHANGE” posters have been donated to the Smithsonian.

Obama has achieved membership in the wealthy elite.

The rest of America is left looking at a Jackson Pollock painting.

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  1. Could I have some satistics , I made more money during ever Democratic Precidence ,and made less and higher taxes in each Republican Administration. Not an opinion ,the result of using plan arithmatic. If I were not retired, I would be making way more than I made in the Bush years. You just spout out your opinion without facts and because you have a blog some people think its the truth.


  2. Thank you for your comment Mr. Tolbert. I am glad you are feeling better and in some way I have made your blood flow…..which is a good thing. I am not sure of your financial position, but I will assume you are not in the 1 % …. the wealthy elite of this country…….This statistic from the IRS….which is a great indicator. Under Bush, the 1% captured a disproportionate share of the income gains from the Bush boom of 2002-2007. They got 65 cents of every dollar created in that boom, up 20 cents from when Clinton was President. Under Obama, the 1% got 93 cents of every dollar created in that boom. That’s not only more than under Bush, up 28 cents. In the transition from Bush to Obama, inequality got worse, faster, than under the transition from Clinton to Bush. Obama accelerated the growth of inequality.

    The data set is excellent, it’s from the IRS and it’s extremely detailed. This yawing gap of inequality isn’t an accident, and it’s not just because of Republicans. It’s a set of policy choices.

    I am not sure I would say my opinions “spout” without facts. In this article I did say Obama’s personal wealth has entered that 1 % elite wealth position. The elite who has received .93 cents of every dollar made under his administration, leaving .07 cents of every dollar for the rest of us. At least Bush left .35 cents for us.

    I stand by the truth of this piece. He entered office with so much. A Democrat Senate and Congress and a media of support. So much money has been transferred away from the U.S. Treasury and not spent on the people of this country to increase their wealth….only the wealth of who he really represents…..the 1 %

    As for my blog, I am not trying to convince anyone to see, think, or feel as I do. I’ve written more of love than politics. Wish I had a great benefactor from that 1 % to pay me for my words. I do not charge anyone for this,….. yet I believe my poetry is genius, my short stories entertaining, my parody’s are humorous, and my politics in the minority opinion…….I’ve gotten more comments on a throw away piece about dump dinners ….. that keeps me humble but I rise to throw a few punches with words and keep believing in myself that I can be a contender….. deserving of a dollar for a word…. a piece of that .07 of that pie Obama has left us.

    Some days, if it hadn’t been for your wife who was moved by my words and saw something special….I wouldn’t be sharing my talent.

    I do appreciate your comment. I do not mind a debate, or a discussion and thank you for paying attention to me, even if you disagree with me.


  3. Damn, you sure know your statistics…glad to see that YOU believe in your poetry and writing…we have run out of things to boost your ego lol. And you have more than one person who is moved and enjoys your stories…even though sometimes I can’t follow; but I still enjoy them…sometimes the content is not what gets me but how it’s written…anyway


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