The Wit and Wisdom of Fred Ziffle

My publisher has agreed to release my book “The Wit and Wisdom of Fred Ziffle” this Christmas. My indepth research of Ziffel, during 2020 will show he is really a man for our times. At $9.95 this epic read will be truly cherished by your family and friends

“When a government gives you a check, it’s like a fox bringing you a basket of eggs from your own hen house.”

“When they come for your words they will take your pigs.”

“Nobody cares what color a pig looks like…black, white, pink or if it’s male or female. The only purpose of the pig is to eat the bacon.”

“Why watch politicians when you can shovel your own manure.”

“I locked down my mule once because he was being troublesome.
Then the hens rioted in their roost. Those darn cows started coming into my kitchen and the pigs started sleeping in my bed.
So I shot the mule.”

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  1. The difference between anal sex and a cornholin’ is…….well… won’t cornhole your wife on your honeymoon………

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