Making America Gr-r-reat!

  President Trump is President Tony-the-Tiger, making America Gr-r-reat again and everything is Gr-r-reat! You just can’t spell “gr-r-reat” this way without lots of red lines created by auto correct in Word Perfect. No doubt about it, I accept Trump… Read More ›

Necromancy Nancy

 According to Astrology, this April will be one for the history books. In the skies, two eclipses, pink moons, Mars being ten times brighter, yellow stars and everything else out of a box of Lucky Charms cereal. But MAJOR CHANGES… Read More ›

Gifted Hands

     Do you really think that an over fifty year dictatorship, the longest western hemisphere dictatorship, could have existed 90 miles off the coast of America if Fidel Castro wasn’t a LAWYER?      America needs to stop electing LAWYERS to… Read More ›