Dante’s Dance

     “Beatrice.”      She avoids opening the door even though her name is being called out like a scratching upon her threshold.      “Beatrice.”      Tightening her belt on her dingy white robe spotted with months of coffee stains, she… Read More ›

Church Circle

Traffic lights absolving pedestrians’ haste Genuflecting off curbs Against the red and green commands. Doing penance for their pace Unaware of a descending October evening Darkening red bricks Littered with damp leaves Causing tires and feet to slip.   Workdays… Read More ›

Fortnight In Annapolis

Imagine me using the word “fortnight” as an answer to the question someone will ask tonight; “When did you get back to Annapolis?” Can you see me on Clay Street or Martin Luther King Boulevard answering that question with “fortnight?”… Read More ›