Dante’s Dance

     “Beatrice.”      She avoids opening the door even though her name is being called out like a scratching upon her threshold.      “Beatrice.”      Tightening her belt on her dingy white robe spotted with months of coffee stains, she… Read More ›

Fortnight In Annapolis

Imagine me using the word “fortnight” as an answer to the question someone will ask tonight; “When did you get back to Annapolis?” Can you see me on Clay Street or Martin Luther King Boulevard answering that question with “fortnight?”… Read More ›

Small Towns, Big Hearts

Today, it seems we Americans are gawkers. We have stumbled on this wreck of our leadership, the economy, lack of secure boarders, growing poverty, unemployment, inept Obamacare, the mismanagement of leaving Iraq and Afghanistan, and worry about the future. As… Read More ›

She Dated E.E. Cummings

Women are punctuations of grammar. A flowing dress moving along a sidewalk will always need a period, comma, or question mark. The sight of the hem of her slip, disorder among the breeze, or without a slip revealed by the… Read More ›


I want to pick up a young girl from school in a stolen Post Office jeep. Show her how obsolete her world has become. Love is now emailed. Man was once seen through his handwriting, but is now measured by the… Read More ›