Washington D.C.

Small Towns, Big Hearts

Today, it seems we Americans are gawkers. We have stumbled on this wreck of our leadership, the economy, lack of secure boarders, growing poverty, unemployment, inept Obamacare, the mismanagement of leaving Iraq and Afghanistan, and worry about the future. As… Read More ›

Necromancy Nancy

 According to Astrology, this April will be one for the history books. In the skies, two eclipses, pink moons, Mars being ten times brighter, yellow stars and everything else out of a box of Lucky Charms cereal. But MAJOR CHANGES… Read More ›

It Happened One Day

       It happened one day. I met Claudette Colbert, and I knew she was instantly attracted to me. She was in her early eighties and I had turned thirty-one. She was definitely “Hollywood” in her mink coat and was staying at the… Read More ›

Merry Citrus

If you shake a snow globe, all the white flakes fall to the bottom. If America was inside a snow globe, the flakes fall to Florida. After shaking my life and downsizing to what would fit in my Santa Fe,… Read More ›

Huckleberry Pound

   I can only scribble about myself and my time.      Tell about growing up in a dive tavern in a bad neighborhood, Southeast Washington D.C., but little of the politics of that Marble City surrounding me. It is just… Read More ›

The Delivered Letter

     My Uncle was a bigwig in the Post Office and he would get me and my friends, part-time, eighty-nine day job appointments. The hourly wage was great for summers between college courses, or laying around till something more permanent… Read More ›

My Pops, The Boxer.

    My Father was Irish and married a full blooded Italian woman . After he left his boxing career he became a bodyguard to a Washington D.C.  Italian, disorganized crime leader.   One night in bars near the Marine Barracks on 8th… Read More ›