Flake of Snow

I once Was a flake of snow. Fell a mile or so Down As wintery wind began blowing, Sighing Between houses dusting white And trees wearing wedding gowns At midnight.   Down Farther than roof tops, Swirling around Above the… Read More ›


Bikers are all the same, Dress alike, not really tough When fearing rain. Their women, Heartsick and rough, Breasts of better days Hold on to their man. Freedom is just an exhaust When believing Riding is enough. Sometimes You have… Read More ›


Am I to shun the squirrel who raids the bird feeder? Set traps to block its path Cause he can climb the tree to where it hangs Above the grass now covered in snow? Is it really about feeding the… Read More ›

Going Out

Going Out He softens his stash with conditioner In case his lips are kissed. Chews mint gum for breath In case his tongue is met. Deodorizes, adds a scent with cologne, Presses clothes, And straightens the home to show no… Read More ›

The Wind

The wind, Prankster of October leaves Swirling under a magician’s wand. Taking from branches and limbs That once reached out in the summer sun Full of dreams, and enclosing our days When love was young.   Limbs picked by chilling… Read More ›