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  • Overlook

    Am I to shun the squirrel who raids the bird feeder? Set traps to block its path Cause he can climb the tree to where it hangs Above the grass now covered in snow? Is it really about feeding the… Read More ›

  • Sometimes Twilight Does Not Appear

    Sometimes twilight does not appear. Moments before dawn or after sunset It does not show, Does not relieve hope or despair Before or after Earth’s longer spin is met. It does not glow a soul’s blue light Before night is… Read More ›

  • Going Out

    Going Out He softens his stash with conditioner In case his lips are kissed. Chews mint gum for breath In case his tongue is met. Deodorizes, adds a scent with cologne, Presses clothes, And straightens the home to show no… Read More ›

  • The Wind

    The wind, Prankster of October leaves Swirling under a magician’s wand. Taking from branches and limbs That once reached out in the summer sun Full of dreams, and enclosing our days When love was young.   Limbs picked by chilling… Read More ›

  • The Whore in the Ford

    The Whore in the Ford   All her belongings piled to the back window. Obstructing past visions of her abandoned sons in the rear view mirror. Her flea market on wheels, ready for unloading at the next man’s place. The… Read More ›

  • Black Walnut Creek

    Black Walnut Creek   A winter brook flows to Warmer, muddier waters. What we call Love, eternal babblings over stones, Flushing into spaces of courts and divisions Around the bay. A body handles Only so many transfusions, And each heart… Read More ›

  • Huckleberry Pound

       I can only scribble about myself and my time.      Tell about growing up in a dive tavern in a bad neighborhood, Southeast Washington D.C., but little of the politics of that Marble City surrounding me. It is just… Read More ›

  • First Date Horror

        When I was eighteen, I met a very attractive twenty-six year old, blonde, single mother of a 6 year old girl. I quickly asked her to go out to dinner and a movie for our first date. I got… Read More ›

  • Terror On Flight 319

         I made it to the airport and waited in a long line to be checked for security purposes before my flight. I made sure I wasn’t hungry by eating just before at a Mexican food chain inside the airport…. Read More ›

  • The Delivered Letter

         My Uncle was a bigwig in the Post Office and he would get me and my friends, part-time, eighty-nine day job appointments. The hourly wage was great for summers between college courses, or laying around till something more permanent… Read More ›