Time to go

Conforming waves hissing further along cool sand

Foaming last words along the beach

“Time to go.”

Pick up the last shell and take my hand

Gone are the scents of coconut lotions

Roasted skin and salty sweat licked lips

Kissed when love seemed endless

Gone are the screams of seagulls feeding on

Boardwalk fries and Cheese Curls

Few remain walking along the water line

Behind the hissing, foaming last words

“Time to go.”

Carnival hucksters packing up, retreating to Florida

Iron shutters pulled down and locked on Pizza by the slice,

Frozen dipped cones and flavored ice.

Pick up the last shell and take my hand

To a place where falling leaves replace the sand

Please my beloved make it through December

Make it to May

And fear not our time to go.

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  1. Incredible poem- Bill and I loved it!! A “bard” who travels the streets of Annapolis as well as the clouds of social media!

    ❤️Cousin Pat

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  2. Paul,
    I loved this. You really captured the end of summer at the beach…and other things.
    Thanks so much for sending it today. I hope that you are well, and that we can see you again soon.
    Take good care, Denise
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