Last Words Before 2020 Election

My last words before we all accept the American voice on who will be the next President for 4 years.

No matter who wins, our country will survive. I would hope no one pays a price for exercising their freedom of speech and their vote. Voting in fair elections were given to us by the founding fathers so that we had a weapon to change those things we knew needed to be changed.

We are forever rebels, full of rebellion for America.

Most of the discussions leading up to voting are about what needs or not is needed to be changed. Regardless, that vote becomes the voice and the power of all of us common people of America after voting.

Any act of violence, destruction, or looting after an election is criminal against our American values and the gift bestowed upon us, and many have fought and died for. None of us should tolerate it or allow it.

Rebellion should be creative, and peaceful and not violent towards our countrymen. It is the power of our vote.

It is your right to resist and give a middle finger to those in charge or in the seats of power, but not against Americans…just make sure your aim of that middle finger is pointed correctly.

Congrats to the American people and their choice tonight. Long live our American rebellious Republic.

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  1. I’m gonna embrace “Creative Rebellion” in all of life. Thank you!

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