The 143rd Kentucky Derby, A Thing of Beauty!

Beauty is a problem in our entire culture, art, music, poetry, sports, relationships with others and our everyday existence. It is a problem because we no longer imagine beauty as a serious way of knowing.

I am here to tell you it is.

Our general lack of response to beauty is actually the reason we have a lack of answers or knowing.

Yes, I knew ALWAYS DREAMING would win the 143rd Kentucky Derby. It was pretty obvious if you saw the beauty developing and he paid well as knowing betters made him the favorite.

Horse Racing is different than most sports. Sometimes it is a thing of beauty. Predicting or knowing a horse race produces immediate results in about two minutes, unlike other sports which play out over a season of two to three hour games.

During this time of the year is where people look for a horse they can relate and root on through adversity. The desire for that which is not so pretty can become a thing of beauty. Maybe it is a little about how we think of ourselves as being not so beautiful. PATCH was bet down below odds he should have went off in the Derby because people liked the underdog story of a one-eyed horse. He was cheered every time he warmed up in front of each section of the stands. PATCH’S trainer Todd Fletcher gave the public the feel good story horse for this Derby.

Todd Fletcher was masterful. This Derby was in his creative imagination and it was becoming his thing of beauty, his serious way of knowing.

There was a time horse fans were saying he could win the prep races and not the big time Kentucky Derby. Here he was, in control of the chaos and the big race. Even his third entry in the race 26 to 1 TAPWRIT finished a respectable 6th place.

ALWAYS DREAMING was pure athlete and Todd Fletcher his trainer had suffered through a lot losses in Derbys to know what to do right. In the last 6 years most of the Kentucky Derby winners have won the Florida Derby as ALWAYS DREAMING did with dominance.

Just a side note, at the end of January you could have made an advance wager on ALWAYS DREAMING to win the Derby near 300 to 1.

Fletcher now had ALWAYS DREAMING peaking at the right time. The only issue in his workouts were ALWAYS DREAMING being uncontrollable. Fletcher fixed it with a larger bit in his mouth allowing the workout riders to control him. It was used in the Derby and one of the reasons you saw ALWAYS DREAMING’S tongue hanging out after the race. Had nothing to do with exhaustion. The only question was settling down and controlling the chaos and energy in the Derby. Enter John Velazquez a fantastic jockey who won one prior Derby.

I had no doubt everything was being planned by Fletcher. Even I knew ALWAYS DREAMING’S best strategy would be for him to leave the gate quickly and stay near the upfront pace to keep the mud from hitting him in the face as the pictures later showed. Everyone who follows Horse racing knows this, but only Fletcher had the horse to do it, and have enough left for the stretch in the 1 ¼ mile. The mud was the obstacle for the others horses and closers. Velazquez only had to settle the horse down and find his stride. Even the closers were going to find it too hard in the mud to catch him in the stretch because ALWAYS DREAMING was in fit form and would not fade. Fletcher was like a producer of a hit Broadway show. Everything went his way. These are those special moments of champions or the best entertainers, performers, comedians, trainers, writers, poets, producers, and athletes call being “in the zone.”

Watching it left those who didn’t see it coming wondering why they didn’t see it coming. Why didn’t we see the beauty? George Orwell said; “To see what is in front of one’s nose needs a constant struggle.”

The constant struggle of Fletcher, Velazquez, and ALWAYS DREAMING was becoming a thing of beauty and gave those who cashed their tickets a serious way of knowing.


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