Bah Humbug, This is Just A Nice, Comfortable Read, Thanks To Severn Savings Bank of Annapolis

safe_image (25) There are several sponsors for this article. As some of you know, in the early days of radio and television, the show’s personality would sell products without going to commercial break. I started doing this recently in my articles, some pay, and some receive my attention for other reasons, but businesses and products want to be a part of this new marketing trend of having the EL mention or promote them.

For the Christmas season, I have changed my attitude. I have become like Natalie Wood in The Miracle on 31st Street, saying; “I believe. I believe.”

Unlike Scrooge, I did not need a visit from three spirits. I only had to drink one spirit, JR. EWING BOURBON


and courageously concentrate on my positive thoughts and turn them into matter. It works. I do not know what miracles or desires you want in your life, but start small and it will build and snowball like adding a penny everyday to your SEVERN SAVINGS BANK ACCOUNT.

I know I just made you chuckle or smile, but stay with me because I am going to show you how to get what you want, and entice the world to you without having to buy the big fat bird in the window for Tiny Tim’s family.

I wrote a quick blurb in an article mentioning that I drop into CAFFE PRONTO in The Festival of Riva Shopping Center in Annapolis for my coffee fix around the crack of noon and 12:30 pm. The people who work there restore the clearness to my puffy eyes and add an extra shot of caffeine to jolt my thoughts as a writer.

This past Friday, I needed my coffee and dug into to my pockets to discover I was completely out of cash. Yes, I have a credit card, but I hate using it for coffee. So I said to myself that my coffee will be free. Imagine my surprise when I walked in and was told by Makana and Patrick it would be free because a woman from SEVERN SAVINGS BANK just called and put $75 on account for coffee.

What a woman, what a bank!

After having another coffee later with Barista Tony while looking at the beautiful Ashley, behind the counter, I told him of this article, and it is just not me or the kind of writer that I am. I’m like the sarcastic Doctor House. This bank has taken my scalpel of a pen away from me and now I’m just a nice guy writing a nice article about a nice banking institution. Did I just write, “nice banking institution?”

Willing myself to get a free coffee may be a coincidence, or it may be turning thought into matter, which my sister-in-law says is impossible, and my brother says his wife is the smartest women in the world so it must be impossible. But when his golf score is a 92 on a cold December day, in back pain and his thoughts were to shoot an 86, I would say he almost turned thought into matter.

Words matter, even the ones you say to yourself. Mother Theresa would never go to an “anti-war rally” but would attend a “peace rally.”

I said my coffee would be free and thanks to some woman marketing SEVERN SAVINGS BANK, or for adding a bit of Christmas cheer to other people’s day, or she knew of a writer, a brilliant poet who shows up at a certain time, and hoping to give him some warmth on a cold December day, she made it happen.

So I thank Severn Savings Bank in Annapolis and so should you. The next time you are thinking of your banking needs, go to this bank. Want a couple of million dollars? Keep thinking about it and just go look around the bank. Hell, they are so damn nice, they just might give it to you.

It is obviously more than just a cold, unfriendly scrooge-like institution of finance. 


What if you were alive and knew William Butler Yeats, Edgar Allen Poe, John Keats and you walked the same streets with them? Went to the same establishments? How about if it was Charles Dickens as he was writing A Christmas Carol? Would you buy them coffee or a beer? Would you make them share their secrets, their life, or even read their poetry or stories to you? Writers, poets, artist, musicians, comedians, singers, are all around you. Find ways to support them. Donate to them. Hire them. Get them working for you and watch the creativity and monetary rewards increase.

The out-going Democratic Governor Martin O’Malley of Maryland is not an artist, but a politician. Can he strum a guitar and sing slightly better than an alley cat with asthma? Yes. His Celtic-Rock band, O’Malley’s March will be at Rams Head Tavern on December 27th and they have played there several times over the last few years. I think Maryland should have a “Celtic-Rock” Tax.

See, I am having positive thoughts for the holidays and just being nice.  

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  1. If I’m ever back I’ll deposit something there.

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