Poet Laureate of Maryland Resigns; Can’t Find Word That Rhymes With “Rain”


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Republican Larry Hogan won because of the unfriendly business conditions, lack of jobs and the heavy taxation in what had become a one-party controlled Maryland.

Resignations are already being signed and placed in a box on his yet to be used desk. One resignation awaiting is The Poet Laureate of Maryland, appointed in 2009 by Governor Martin O’Malley. The same Governor and the only State in the United States that taxed the rain.

Odd this Poet Laureate never wrote words about his government. Seems like a government cover-up that a Poet Laureate could not find a rhyme to “tax the rain” and never wrote about it. Maybe he was too busy taking toast and tea with ladies at the Democratic Gardening and Book Club. Maybe he was too busy collecting money from sleep disorder clinics who use readings of his poems for medicinal purposes.

This is Poet Laureate Stanley Plumly’s resignation poem;


New Governor Hogan,

With great sorrow and hurt

I resign because I could not find a rhyme

To “tax the rain.”


Alleged six time voter in one election that may have cost him his life, Edgar Allen Poe must be spinning in his grave in Baltimore. Even the football team is named after a poem he wrote. People are making some nice coins off this dead poet. You would think the spirit of poetry would be thriving in a liberal, Democratic state. It just goes to show how unhip democrats became with power.

Poetry in Maryland, and in this country is less exciting than bagpipers on open mic night at your nearest bar. It doesn’t have to be. The beat generation is dying off. Berets, and bongos are not needed to accompany a poet reading his poem. Women in tight black leggings, snapping fingers is always hip.

With all the money taken in with taxes, it is a shame The Poet Laureate is an unpaid position. Poetry enriches people’s lives. So many down and out souls, broke business men, and losing politicians carry a poem in their pockets to give them hope. Maybe I should send Lt. Governor Anthony Brown, who lost to Hogan, a few inspirational poems. I’m sure Stanley hasn’t.

The only requirement is to be a Maryland resident and read a poem in one of each of four corners in the State. Just a tip, when reading on the Eastern Shore, home of Purdue Farms, don’t say poetry, but use a drawl that makes it sound like “poultry.” They will love that.

I’m just having fun with Stanley Plumly’s pain to move on with the taxing Democrats. That’s it. That’s the rhyme Stanley…”pain.”

I think I should be the next Poet Laureate of Maryland.

Write on a postcard to

Governor Larry Hogan,

100 State Circle,

Annapolis, Maryland


Tell him EL BROOKMAN is the best choice for Poet Laureate of Maryland.


For every 100 postcards sent, my sponsor will invite you to my acceptance party in Annapolis, where bottles of JR EWING BOURBON will be pouring freely and liberally. Damn, I just used the word “liberally.”

JR EWING BOURBON is the drink of choice for poets, republicans, down-and-out democrats, and oil barons who wear cowboy hats.



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4 replies

  1. Damn, and I thought rattle the brain was a good one….lol..

    Liked by 2 people

  2. To wax & wane?

    I realize these are not the kinds of comments you are wanting, but I’m too ocd to not join in with Ms. Fletcher.


    • Stephanie….I would have several hundred comments such as “lame” “shame” “vain” “came” ect. If I had readers who thought I was fun to read, like a blast of wind up a women’s skirt…..I don’t mind creating an underground of a few people who comment…..Odd, but I have lots of views for 70 or so articles. I just think no one will admit to reading me, lol. I am such an embarrassment ! You never have to comment at all as long as you just show that wonderful icon face all over my pages. The word “rain” must have hundreds of words to rhyme with it in the English language, and am shocked a Poet Laureate could not find one. lol….That’s the joke that only you and Barbara seemed to want to have fun with….. “wax & wane” is excellent ! I am sure this is not going over well with The Maryland Arts Society, and old Stanley.


    • p.s……”wax & wane” is the perfect rhyme and you were the only one to find it….anytime you want coffee or hard liquor with The EL…..it is on me…..that is the best prize I can offer.


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