Brilliant Man, Harvard Man


Brilliant man, Harvard man

Without a strategy.

Maybe after the beheadings, the terror, the threats,

Parading people toward their own mass grave

Shot to death,

It is good to be without a strategy.

As you said,

Our great military might

Can only roust them

Not destroy them.

Like a local mayor

Rousting homeless from an underpass

Ordering their tents slashed

Moving them beyond city limits

For appearances as an election nears.

Perhaps at their new destination

They can be covered and warmed,

Tucked in with paper degrees.


Brilliant man, Harvard man

You think it better to wait,

Talk to congress,

Council and debate.

Odd these morsels or crumbs

Come after such a long wait

To confer while taking toast and tea

Untasted for many years on Whitehouse china plates.

They will say

How good he looks in earth tone colors

Or how he can delegate,

His inspiring words, how eloquently he communicates.

“I don’t want to put the cart before the horse,”

So said brilliant man, Harvard man

And America golf clapped.

Strategy is for a sixty foot putt

Or a drive to avoid a sand trap.



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2 replies

  1. Nobody in this country has needed to trade golf scores for a long time now – – Our Handicap is painfully obvious. (Brilliant post, as always)

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  2. Thank you for saying I am brilliant…I’m not a Harvard man….lol


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