Gilbert Gottfried Is The Son of Man…Opens Friday

zzz01234Gilbert-Gottfried    The movie Son of Man opens on Friday. Would I be spoiling it for you if I told you how it ends? The only possible interest in movies of this kind is the physical appearance or actor playing Jesus. They are always portrayed by very handsome men with compelling eyes and long manes of hair straight out of a Harlequin Romance novel.

     The fact is no reference to Jesus’s physical appearance is ever mentioned in the New Testament other than he was a man and died around age of thirty-three. Personally, I would only watch this movie if Gilbert Gottfried played the part. Why not? Why would you think God would have a handsome son who is humorless? Why wouldn’t he have moles, warts, receding hairline, fat, or eyes like Marty Feldman? God is just too much a prankster.

     Why would a sense of humor be left out of descriptions of Jesus? I can’t believe that a man who spent time with his posse of twelve other guys didn’t make each other laugh till goat milk came out of their noses. Not sure if twelve guys could get through the Last Supper without farting or jokes about Romans. Even if you say this story is a serious one, humor is always found with human stress. Do you think there wasn’t a joke about Roman soldiers walking around in red skirts and looking to cut off your ear with a sword? I’m sure the Disciples were saying lighten up Sid Caesar.

     As a child educated in Catholic Schools, joking about our faith was forbidden, but we always told Jesus jokes. We gave him a sense of humor even when he hung on the cross when he said the words; “You’re right Mary, I can see our house from here.”

     The nuns would always find out what we were laughing at and proceed to send us to Sister Gabriel’s office to be punished with the “holy” paddle. A wooden board that had a hole in it that gave it extra speed and force when it hit your backside.

     Why would the writers of the New Testament leave out a description of his physical appearance believing it irrelevant? To quote Hillerous Clintonitis before the Roman Senate; “What difference at this point does it make?”  No one could get away with leaving out such important details unless they had a motive.

     Let us assume Jesus had a Planters Wart on the bottom of his foot for a short time, causing him to walk with a limp. The writers must have believed your faith would not be so secure about his miracles of making lame men walk.

     The truth is the writers did not want to describe his physical appearance because he was average looking. Even Judas had to kiss him as a signal to the Romans that this was the man they were looking for… an average man who blended in with the people.  The writers were using an early version of photo shop. Hollywood is using their camera magic as well to manipulate faith.

     Politicians and the mass media chooses what to feed us every day. There is a demand on your faith in all things each day and it is not only a faith of religion and country. We are lucky to have visual technology and the internet, and it still doesn’t change the demands put on the populace to have faith in so many things like our expectations, products we buy and use, money, sports, men, women, other car drivers, news media, politicians, life, friends, family, and on and on. Odd to think that people proclaim mankind has lost faith when such a demand is put on our faith every second.

     Faith has become the third survival response; Fight-or-Flight-or-Faith. Odd others seek to take down symbols of that faith whether it be a cross on government land or the giant Twin Towers which were a symbol of this Country’s faith in commerce. Once you were conceived, faith moved with your life’s development. It is closely linked to Freedom and Liberty. Don’t retreat. Don’t give it up so easily.

     It is the average man, someone that may even look like Gilbert Gottfried that is far more interesting. So seeing another handsome Jesus is not relevant to our times.



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4 replies

  1. “That’s my boy up there.”


  2. A test of faith so constant, it becomes common place.

    I agree, give me the everyday Jesus, not the one who looks like Thor.


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