Send Trey Gowdy, Republican, SC. A Poem

zzz0001189gowdy      Trey Gowdy, Republican Congressman from South Carolina has made remarks that the Obama Administration’s “Big Government Programs” has caused many people to leave the work force, have a disincentive to work and now they sit around writing poetry and poetry just won’t pay the bills.

     I challenge Mr. Gowdy to a duel.

     Not because he is incorrect about what has happened to millions of Americans during the Obama Administration, but because he picked such a small segment of society and culture to make his point that it would not be offensive or cause a backlash to him. The main goal of a politician is to keep their mouth moving, stay likable, and keep money moving into a political war chest. But he has offended me.

     Sales of liquor is up 4% and Americans are drinking more. He wouldn’t dare say Americans out of work are sitting around getting drunk would he? Being from South Carolina, he would never say those out of the work force are out golfing and that endeavor won’t pay the bills, now will he?

     Is dueling still legal?

     Who is he to proclaim writing poetry is unprofitable or of little value? I am sure, in all sincerity I can trade one of my poems for a bill.

     This is at the heart of what is wrong with politicians of both parties and why the real revolution in America will be cultural and has nothing to do with government.  I assure Mr. Gowdy, if America is in a poetry craze because they are out of work, the government would be selling or taxing poems faster than states sell lottery tickets.

     By the way Mr. Gowdy, do you know how many unemployed or out of work people spend what little money they have on the hope or dream of winning a state lottery? Why not a Federal study? Afraid of the results? Of course you are and you would rather insult a poet or a poem as being unproductive. Shows you know nothing about power, imagination, inspiration, freedom, hopes, dreams, and making money. But you and the rest of the politicians in Washington D.C. do know about personal, or self-serving government greed and power over the very people in America you represent. Political Arrogance is a topic of many poems including many by Willie (The Shake) Shakespeare. God help humanity if Shakespeare spent his unemployment weaving silk for the King’s clothes.

     Choose your weapon Mr. Gowdy. Pistols or Poems?

     I would love to have Americans jam your email or mailbox with poems. Maybe then you would understand the power of “getting up” or “redemption” that a poem can do for a human spirit that gets knocked down. In the history of mankind, poetry has always been far more uplifting to the individual then mouth moving career politicians.

     Alas, politics, PBS, religion, and Mass on TV has a billion times more viewers and curiosity than a poem or the poet. But Mr. Gowdy, ask any successful man in America that was beaten down and rose up if he has a poem he wrote or read that he kept close to his heart in his days when nobody saw his value.

     A man like President Abraham Lincoln, who failed many times in business and politics, who spent many hours reading and writing poems and carrying some of those words in his pocket coat. A man who kept this nation a Union and a place for your rump to sit in its hallowed halls of congress while you move your mouth and collect the people’s hefty salary. Only a true poet could write the Gettysburg Address.

    Until you learn that, you will never be a man or voice of the people. Just maybe if you are voted out of office in the next election and become unemployed, can’t get a good job and looked upon as valueless, you will write or read a poem and understand what our American politicians have forgotten about our American Soul.

     Mr Gowdy, no one will ever write words like; “O Captain! My Captain!” about you.

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8 replies

  1. Charm is always a better avenue than blaming innocent creative peeps.


  2. the gentleman from South Dakota
    does not have an iota
    of sense in what he has to say
    that’s why his pappy gave him a dog’s name – Trey


  3. nothing could less finer
    than mistaking Dakota for Carolina


  4. Curt Gowdy came from Wyoming, so I was not too far off.


  5. I am applauding Paul . I don’t how I missed this one but you hit every nail on the head . I am in the process of rereading your stories just for your information .

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  6. Obviously the writer of this comment is disinterested in work and sitting on couch writing poems. To take such a comment and politicize it is sad. Facts are facts and it’s time to deal with truth. Obviously a democrat, lol.


    • Wrong on all of the above statements about the writer.
      Obviously the statement made by Gowdy is an insult to poetry and his lack of knowledge about poetry was not made “to politicize”…. Made more to
      “Poeticize”… Thanks for your comment.



  1. Democrats pushing poetry over jobs? | Home Grown News Media

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