Flake of Snow


I once

Was a flake of snow.

Fell a mile or so


As wintery wind began blowing,


Between houses dusting white

And trees wearing wedding gowns

At midnight.



Farther than roof tops,

Swirling around

Above the parking lots below

And rising again

Not knowing where to go

In this mid-air break.


To now be a fragile star shape

And so unnoticed in my pain.

I want to drop like rain,


From this great height,

But I am snow

And am what heaven has iced.


And who is awake

To see this falling


To see this blur

Among them all?

Who is there to break my fall?

I once

Was a flake of snow

Fell a mile or so

Onto the tongue of a child I melted, slow.


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  1. “Trees wearing wedding gowns at midnight!.” Slays!



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