Relief of Proving

IMG_2212 (2)

Why care what I put in my veins?

She came and held the needle

Injecting me with the vile

Leaving bruising

After passionate denial,

Leaving my face on the cold tile

And relief of proving.


Why care of the bank heist,

Or thief’s of love amid the night?

Tellers that smile at the looting

The liquid vile

Even after passionate denial

Nothing can stop my wounding

And relief of proving.


Maybe it was the way the camera hung on the wall,

Moving side to side

That long lateral “No!”

It scanned us all,

Made you want to hide

As the eye does lateral sleuthing,

And relief of proving.


Maybe it’s the voice you do not recognize

Behind the disguise

To love and not judge amid the accusing,

Amid the brooding,

The faded tattooing,

Robbed, when love is so removing

And friendship is so vile in my veins

Never coming back, injecting the rain

And relief of proving.





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