We each had a horse to tend.

Mine was Sunshine,

Golden, and stubborn from being unattended.

Always standing on the horizon of the pasture.

Ran away when I came for her.

Those Hooves pounded the ground till she tired,

Nudging my hands as the evening came.

And treats made me her master.


We rode together.

Another horse named Patches.

Big and forceful compared to my mare.

His experienced rider versus my awkward touch.

But what skill I lacked, Sunshine found my heart

Through a seat of leather and a loose reign.

She carried me on a ride,

A few stones or dips in the dirt was the only complaint.


The last time I was with her, she ran to me.

Her golden color seemed to set the pasture on fire.

We both sensed abandonment again.

Even Patches had briefly broken away from her skilled rider

Tending him further than normal from me among the winter hay.

Ran towards me and Sunshine to feel lyric and pure.

They sensed the skill rider’s separation

Although it wasn’t yet confirmed by the chilling air.

They saw my leg was fractured and I would be putdown.


It was the first time Sunshine gazed when I left her,

Never taking her eyes off me,

Even as she whimpered through those big nostrils.

I looked back, and we lost sight of each other.

Her golden color faded into evening.


Her pasture mate Patches left soon after.

The skilled rider, awarded better trails.

Sunshine faded from gold to gray,

And remembers her rider

Who fell from his mount of love.



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