birdsxx1 Does it spoil literary greatness by explaining a poem before reading? Does it diminish it? Jokes need a setup, musicians talk at times, before performing a song, and novels have introductions. Some poems, so simple in its presentation, requires a consideration of the unseen complexities. Some things are so beautiful and simple, we miss it.

My choice of the form, Haiku, is one of the shortest, usually about nature, and strict in structure of lines and syllables. To use this form to touch life beyond ours, is pure genius, and akin to Einstein breaking this world down to E=MC2… To reduce the touching of our after-life and beauty to such simplicity is exactly as simple it seemed, once Einstein proved his equation it to the world.

If I say “birds,” you will think only of flight or flying. Consider there are a whole group of birds, “Natatores,” (a word you may not know) which swim.

Some people believe souls like birds, fly to heaven, but we are made of the same pools of matter as stars whose energy does not take flight. This Universe is more Ocean-like, than air-like. We will forever swim, float, collide, and splash in this Universe and be guided by currents in time and space. Take it to heart about your immortality or your loved ones who have passed on, they will splash you every now and then, and even wink a twinkling light at you to see immortal beauty.

In this world our human voices wake us, and drown us. On the banks of the other world, laughter will awaken wonder, and beauty swims.


 Children laugh at their

Wonder, when they discover

That some birds can swim.



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  1. ….I REALLY like this one a lot…like the dead laughing at us…imagine how much more they’ll laugh at us when we find other miracles… your reference to all of us being made of matter..our voices do drown us out….but I have gratefully come to experience wonder at everything right here…..I can’t explain how the story made me feel — except peaceful…and am on the right track, my track.


  2. Wow. You accomplish so much in so few words. At first I wondered how I could have missed this post, but then I noticed the date. I hadn’t even begun to wade in the shallow end of WordPress, let alone dove in. But now it’s 2016 and I’m grateful I get to swim, float, collide, and splash in the blogosphere with someone as brilliant as you.

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