ObamaHair or Affordable HairCare Act


I have decided to become a Democrat due to the profits I will experience following their mantras. First on my list…Affordable Hair Care Act…or ObamaHair…I demand free haircuts or coloring or any service provided by that industry. It is my right in the progressive constitution of this great Nation. I am sorry if the Hair Salon business  will be affected or suffer any hardship but this is a must for the greater good of America and me finding hot babes.  Surely every Democrat is compassionate for Male Pattern Baldness….or the elderly whose hair has turned grey from their age or fright from seeing Milley Cyrius on the MTV awards or men like me who have hair growth on the sides of my head but bald on top….It is time this Nation shares our pain and injustice. I am told I have too much testosterone….you know…the “man” hormone….the one that made me  conservative. I’m tired of paying the same price that Bill Clinton,  John Kerry or John Edwards pay…. these men have too much of the sissy hormones. They and the hairy sissy hormone youth of our country should be charged more to subsidize my haircuts and coloring. Thank you.

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  1. My old lady is growing a stash, will Obama Hair include coverage for lip waxing? Keep it coming, you’re crazy good!


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